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About R|W


It begins with Humble Inquiry

The R|W experience is forged by Humble Inquiry, our sincere and genuine interest in listening to and learning about our clients – their current situation, their past experiences and their goals and objectives for the future. It transcends the collection of facts and data, as we listen to understand our clients’ feelings and emotions about money and its impact on their lives. And we never stop listening because we always focus on what is most important to our clients.

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Compassionate. Experienced. Wise.

Contrary to how many financial firms deliver their services, emphasizing technology, automation and artificial intelligence while their advisors play a diminished role, we remain steadfast in honoring and strengthening the value of personal relationships between our clients and our entire professional staff.

Of course, we utilize cutting-edge technology, automation and AI, it would be reckless and imprudent not to. However, the one true differentiator in our industry is personal communication, something that no robo-advisor can emulate, and which sadly more and more firms deem unimportant.

Our investment and wealth management professionals are highly educated and credentialed. We are committed to advanced training and on-going professional development. Extensive experience has ingrained in each of us the importance of exercising our judgment with care, skill, and caution.

At R|W we combine competence with compassion. We are genuinely and sincerely interested in people – their stories and their journeys. We listen to and listen with people. Every client is different. Every client is unique. We can’t stress enough the need for understanding, not judging; for learning, not lecturing; and for mutual respect and collaboration.

When we render our advice and guidance we do so in a clear and concise manner, without a lot of technical jargon. We simplify the complex, without diluting it because we respect our clients and their role in the decision-making process.

Above all, every member of our team is committed to making a difference. Giving our clients financial peace of mind; helping them enjoy the fruit of their labor; and allowing them to find purpose and fulfillment in life unbridled by concerns over money.

Meet Our Team

Let’s focus on what is important to you.
Please, tell us about your situation.


Giving Back to Improve the Well-Being of Individuals & Society

We support organizations in our community that provide basic needs such as housing, food, clothing and safety; enhance education and literacy for people of all ages; promote healthy lifestyles; and provide healthcare resources to those in need.