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Investment Philosophy

A comprehensive plan can overcome any obstacle.

Money is emotional. It’s tied up in our biggest fears, our wildest dreams, and our very sense of security. Compound that with constant noise from media and pundits, and the way forward can get clouded with indecision.

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It doesn’t have to be that way. Our investment philosophy cuts through the noise so you can focus on the path ahead. We believe in long-term progress, not decisions born of opportunism or panic. Our job is to help you balance reason and emotions so you can make choices that will benefit you and your family in the long run — no matter what’s happening in the world.

R|W’s investment philosophy is predicated on the following beliefs:

  • The market is a reliable and effective, real-time valuation-setting mechanism.
  • Diversification helps reduce portfolio risks including, but not limited to concentration, credit, cyclical, duration, event, inflation, liquidity, political, transparency and volatility risks.
  • Behavioral biases distort sound financial decision-making. By identifying those biases and the adverse consequences they portend we can help our clients make more, and better, financial decisions.

That is why clients seek our guidance for the development and implementation of:

  • Financial plans that serve their unique and evolving needs and ability to assume risks.
  • Broadly-diversified portfolios of investments selected through evidenced-based research.
  • Cost-effective and tax-efficient investment strategies and solutions.
  • Investment plans that align with their “life plans.”

Let’s plan for what’s next.