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Caitlin Brown, J.D.

Wealth Advisor

Caitlin Brown, J.D.

I love my work as a problem solver. Unraveling complex subjects has been the through line of my education and career, from my sociology studies to earning a juris doctorate to my current position at R|W. Estate planning, qualitative and quantitative research, navigating murky issues — these are the tough topics I enjoy piecing together for clients. I’m genuinely thrilled when I can relieve their stress by solving the problems that keep them up at night.

I’ve worked in big cities throughout the West, but I moved back to Idaho because I wanted to deal directly with the human side of finance here at R|W. I’m humbled by our clients’ trust in me and I work hard to earn it by creating a welcoming space where they feel heard and cared for. Every detail matters because I know their lives will be impacted by how I advise them. It’s a high bar, and I enjoy clearing it.

At R|W, we are there for our clients through all of life’s transitions – planned or unplanned. Thinking about the transitions that have already taken place in my life makes me aware of how many transitions are occurring in the lives of our clients and their family members. Being there for people in times of change — like a few special people were there for me — is one of the intangibles I most value as a member of R|W.

My husband and I met playing city league soccer, and we still stay as active as we can (our enthusiastic dog, Ava, plays a big role in making that happen). Since we moved back, we’ve been busy falling in love with Idaho all over again.


  • University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts, Sociology
  • Seattle University School of Law: Juris Doctorate
Caitlin Brown, J.D.
Caitlin at an outdoor wedding
Caitlin's yellow lab
Caitlin horseback riding

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