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Jordan Freiburghaus

Wealth Advisor

Administrator to the CEO

Jordan Freiburghaus

I look around corners for a living. As the R|W Administrator to the CEO my job is to proactively plan for issues and opportunities — then create strategies to navigate them successfully.

I’ve had a varied and interesting career, but the common thread has been working in service to other people. It’s a joy to relieve their stress through excellent planning and organization; the more complex the issue, and the more variables involved, the more I thrive. Working with wealth managers is a great fit for someone with my skillset: Our team alleviates complexity for our clients, and I do the same for our team. If everyone walks away from a challenging issue feeling hope-filled and confident, I know I’ve done my job.

When my work day is done, I try to solve the problem of how to catch more trout in the backcountry. (I even make my own fishing rods.) My wife, Rebecca, and I have three young sons that I continually subject to my treasure trove of terrible dad jokes. If we’re not at home, chances are we’re camping in one of Idaho’s beautiful landscapes.

Jordan Freiburghaus

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