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Brandon E. Jones

Portfolio Administrator

Brandon E. Jones

My career started with a news clip about the lack of retirement planning in America. I was shocked by how few people do it — planning for the future seemed like such a fundamental necessity that I decided to educate myself so I could help other people. I majored in finance and economics at the University of Idaho and have devoted myself to this work since then.

As a portfolio administrator, I handle behind-the-scenes details like trading, reporting, disbursing and investing cash, assisting advisors, and working with CPAs and other members of each client’s team. Every day is new and different in its own way, but the common thread is my ability to talk easily with people and help them quickly and efficiently. My colleagues and I are always bouncing ideas and information off each other so we can better serve R|W’s clients. With such a wealth of experience in the office, there’s always a new perspective to pull from.

I’m originally from Post Falls, Idaho, and I have a deep love for the state and the outdoors. My wife, Kjersten, and I are avid hikers and have a goal of visiting every national park in the United States. We’re also huge baseball fans and have steadily been visiting every Major League Baseball stadium. We live in Boise with Joey, our canine hiking buddy.


  • University of Idaho, Idaho, Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics
Brandon E. Jones
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